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    Default Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    We all sing the praises of the major players in the Serge Lutens line, such as Chergui--and rightfully so. But I was wondering if there are any lesser known SL fragranes that don't get a lot of talk here on BN. I understand that SL aren't marketed as masculine or feminine, but I'm really not interested in any scents that tip over the line to the femme side of things.

    With that in mind, can you recommend any that are worth trying?
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    TOP 10
    1. Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior
    2. Lumière Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
    3. New Haarlem by Bond No. 9
    4. Chergui by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
    5. Francois Charles by Rance 1795
    6. Puro Intense by Nejma
    7. Usiku by Jo Wood Organics
    8. New York by Parfums de Nicolai
    9. Dia For Men by Amouage
    10. Silver Mountain Water by Creed

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Not sure which ones you have tried already, but Santal Blanc is a favorite of mine that I suspect is lesser known, purely based on the very few discussions about it on BN. I went through some posts and discussions about it not too long ago, and majority who replied did not really fancy it.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Well not many here discuss Douce Amere, and it's just lovely stuff. I also agree with matthewfoo, regarding the lack of talk about Santal Blanc - but I honestly hated that juice when I tested it.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I suppose it comes up occasionally but I found Gris Clair to be rather unique and almost impossible to find. I'd love to sample this a bit more or even get a decant but I've never seen it anywhere!
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Mandarine Mandarin is a sleeper in the line, in my opinion. It's like a more sophisticated Fleurs d'Oranger; in fact, it's almost a flanker of that fragrance stylistically, but more complex and "grown up".

    Rose de Nuit and La Myrrhe get very little talk here. I think they're both great, but I can see why. Rose de Nuit is a very dark, retro, animalic chypre; La Myrrhe is a very Avante Garde myrrh and aldehyde pairing.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I personally enjoy Un Bois Sepia. It's the most masculine take on the Feminite du Bois original (though it's still got that FDB cherry/plum patchouli topnote so it's still not that masculine...)
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Bois Oriental is my favorite of the "bois" series, yet I know of only one other fan.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Vetiver Oriental is great. It starts off all Lutensesque, but the vetiver note is fairly raw when it takes over. I didn't want to buy another vetiver perfume, but it was the clear winner when sniffing the bell jars at the boutique.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    One more vote for Un Bois Sépia.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Hmmm...Maybe...for me...Serge and nicely produced. A bit prominent of desert-like spices, Ie; the notorious cinnamon note! though it's only new and me...feels like a fairly tacit scent

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Fumerie Turque: it has its admirers, I'm one, but it's rarely mentioned here.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I've tested the vast majority of them and my top four are: Gris Clair, MKK, Fumerie Turque, and Ambre Sultan - all of which are discussed a fair amount on here. As far as I can tell, there aren't really any great "sleepers" in this line. I think basenotes has covered Serge Lutens very thoroughly.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Serge Noire got a bit of attention when it first came out, but then it was more or less panned. I tried it and jumped on the bandwagon and panned it too. And to be sure, the first 5 minutes of this scent borders on hideous. But then it develops into a beautiful dark and dry woodsy sent that last for hours. I'm glad I gave it a second try, and now own a bottle.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I think Vetiver Oriental is great, and has a sublime drydown.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Serge Lutens as made a number of scents that have tremendous subtlety created by blending notes that have very similar values of intensity resulting in fragrances that don't shout or make bold statements. These more subtle fragrances have never gotten a lot mention or notice but they are fantastic fragrances anyway. I am sure there are others like these, but these are worth checking out. They all are winners but because they make such a subdued statement they don't ever get strong champions singing their praises like MKK, Chergui or Ambre Sultan do.

    Daim Blonde- a very subtle and recessive scent of apricot and suede leather. A very fine fragrance.
    Douce Amere - also very much a pastel tone poem of softness from: wormwood, anise, cinnamon, lily, chocolate ,cedar - all very soft mid tone pleasant notes.
    Santal Blanc - an interplay of spices that will not overpower the softness of sandalwood: fenugreek, black sesame, cumin, sandalwood results in a buttery smoothe spicey sandalwood that I found to be very enjoyable.
    Encens et Lavande - a grey chalky lavender accord mixed with frankincense. One of the all time best lavender fragrances in my opinion. A favorite for me.

    all are excellent.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I do tire of Sheldrake's syrupy fruit + woods signature accord sometimes. Perhaps that's why I enjoy these few:-

    Douce Amere
    Serge Noire
    5 O'clock Au Gingembre
    Sa Majeste la Rose
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Mandarin Mandarine is a definite must try. I find this to be the perfect scent for the Christmas season; its warm, sweet (but not too sweet) and comforting.
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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    I agree with the Encens et Lavande and La Myrrhe recs.

    I like Rose de Nuit, but I do see it as a very feminine and sexual fragrance. You might like Fleurs de Citronnier (I get more orange blossom than lemon blossom) if you like Fleurs d'Oranger.

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    Default Re: Lesser Known Serge Lutens

    Santal de Mysore doesn't seem to get too much talk. I like it a good deal.
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