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    Default Kiehl's essential oils?

    Anyone wear any of Kiehl's essential oils as a fragrance ( I smelled a couple of 'em in the store and the gardenia is very nice. I see they come with a rollerball applicator for ease of use. I also see some discussion in here -

    Which specific one(s) can anyone recommend?
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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    I've tried two of these.
    Pour Homme is a substantial fir and patchouli scent. I like it for its woody tones.
    Coriander is a good version of a spicy scent, with hints of nut and orange.

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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    The Gardenia is nice, but it doesn't really smell like a gardenia (I have a bush in my front yard), which disappointed me.

    Coriander is the only one I own. Fantastic stuff. Smells, like Ody mentioned above, nutty and citric with a buttery-sort-of-creaminess to it. There is a Coriander scented body lotion that I am anxiously wanting to own also. And a body scrub. And soap.

    The Grapefruit and Cucumber are neat, but very linear and a bit Demeter-ish. Fun but not necessary, IMO.

    Now, if Kiehl's would only re-release the Vetiver oil - that would be something to be excited about.
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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    i've smelled a few of these. As Mike said the Cucumber and Grapefruit were both nice in theory, but not a whole lot of depth tehre. I toyed with teh idea of using them as layers to brighten/freshen up my SOTD.

    Of all the oils, I'd most likely buy the Homme, or maybe just the plain musk. I tried the roll-on of PH for the first time ever using a roller and accidentally like POURED it on when I pressed the roller down on my wrist, like, a huge amount. The girl gasped, I looked up at her and asked "um, is that bad?", and she sort of looked away and then ran to get some kleenex.
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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    I have used Gardenia like Mike . It is long lasting and sweet - a best seller apparently. Yes it's not very gardenia like but it's pretty .
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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    I highly recommend Amber and Pour Homme.
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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    I recommend Vanilla, however during the mid-notes you will notice some nut oil accord that will go away over time. i'm guessing its the carrier oils for the actual vanilla oil.

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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    Pour Homme is awesome. It's a very spicy and woody powerhouse scent. It may be in a tiny .25 oz. rollon, but has stunning potency. Like a pocket powerhouse.

    I'll also note that it smells remarkably similar to the original formulation of Oscar de la Rental Pour Lui from the 1980s. Only difference I can smell is that it's much woodier and has more patchouli than Oscar.

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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    Pour Homme kinda reminds me of Halston Z-14.

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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    Pour Homme is memorable indeed but feels a little too macho for me...

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    Default Re: Kiehl's essential oils?

    Use and like the original musk oil in the roll on.

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