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    Default Just starting skin care need some guidance.

    Hey guys, Im new to taking care of my skin. I am 20 years old and have never had a problem with breaking out or acne or anything like that. I used to just wash my skin with soap and thats it. My skin is naturally very soft also and never had an issue there. But while reading GQ the other day I saw some skin care products and I figured I would take a look. This opened a lot of doors for me and i realized even though my skin isnt a huge issue I could do things to improve it. Im not sure what my skin type is but my nose is slightly oily at times and sometimes my forehead can get dry. So I found some products that I read were good and figured I would give them a try.

    Baxter of California shave gel
    Sharps After shave
    Jack black Lip balm
    Kiehls facial fuel moisturizer
    Billy Jealousy Exfoliate scrub

    These are what I came up with but i would like to also add in daily scrub, a mask, and if needed a toner. I also was curious what to use as a body wash? Please help with any insight you may have. Thanks a ton.

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    Default Re: Just starting skin care need some guidance.

    Hey man, welcome to Basenotes. Just start out with lower cost Everyman Jack products from Target. Other than the shaving cream, their products are really good. Don't get hung up on specific higher end brands. Since you don't break out, just use hot water to wash your face. Then some moisturizer. You really don't need more than that. Seriously. The Everyman Jack face moisturizer is $6 and is great.

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    Default Re: Just starting skin care need some guidance.

    Well see this is the embarrassing part... Ive been told and would like to think Im very good looking. I am trying to get a modeling job to pay for college, so I am willing to pay the best to get the best results. I want my skin to look amazing when I go in for the shoot.

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    Default Re: Just starting skin care need some guidance.

    In that case, Creme de la Mer is probably the best moisturizer out there. It all comes down to moisture.

    All of their products are very highly rated, but you're going to pay for the honor.

    I really wouldn't exfoliate if your skin is already smooth, especially because it'll increase your chances of a skin breakout until your face gets used to it.
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    Default Re: Just starting skin care need some guidance.

    Welcome to Basenotes, newtoskincare.
    If you are serious about pursuing this type of career, you might consider seeking out the services of a professional esthitican, who will analyze your skin's needs. I had a friend male friend who did photo modeling and having a periodic facial was part of the "being a model" package.

    Good luck to you in your goal to pay for college.

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