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    I was surfing E-bay for sample ideas and came across some for Marc Ecko.
    Unfortunately, this is not reviewed on Basenotes. Anyway, I got these
    samples and feel that they would probably do well in my summer rotation.
    I think they would work well along side other favorites of mine such
    as Chrome, Chrome Legend, Banana Rebublic Classic, and Paris Hilton.

    Has anybody else bought or sampled Ecko? How do you think it
    compares to some of the other Citrusy Frags out there? Is is
    appropriate for an older man? Should I wait until Summer to try
    it, or can I use it in Spring or even Winter. Any thoughts? Thanks guys.


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    I've been wanting to try this, but I've yet to see anyone in the UK that sells this.
    Marc Ecko's site will not ship to the UK at all, be it their fragrance or clothing, although there is a German Ecko site but I don't think they had the fragrance on last time I checked.
    I have seen samples being sold on Ebay as well, so I may just think what the heck and buy some, even though the shipping is usually a bit costly.

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