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    Default Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    For $70, 2.5 oz, how is the quality of this? Does it actually provide a decent amount of fragrance? Does it irritate your skin? Moisturize well?

    As you can tell, I'm going for the quality of the lotion as well, not just the smell.

    thank you

    p.s. if you own the deodorant or the body wash, you can share your thoughts on those too.
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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    Green Irish Tweed only projects for about 3 hours as an EDT then becomes a skin scent. You should expect at most 30 minutes of projection with the aftershave. $70 is an incredible ripoff.

    If you want a great aftershave that doesn't irritate your face and moisturizes astonishingly well, all you need is Nivea Sensitive Skin Balm. It comes in a cool glass bottle and costs around $7. It's unscented. Rely on your fragrances if you want to be scented. Also, check out Mitchum unscented roll-on as your deodorant option. That way you won't have any smell competing with your scent of the day. I hope you save your money for more fragrances instead of an expensive aftershave!

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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    I picked it up once when I was in travelling in Europe in 2002 - I think it was considerably less than USD 70 when I bought it. Frankly I loved it - I was wearing GIT more or less as my only scent then + very few of these aftershave 'balms' work for me and this one did, but I haven't gone out of my way to re-order it online since. If you are a real fan of GIT then . . .

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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    Thanks for the responses. I actually own most of the accompanying deodorants, after shaves, and showergels of my fragrances I already own. HOWEVER, they came in those giftsets.

    I use them occasionally, but I found the only useful ones are the aftershave (since its exposed to the air) and sometimes the deodorant (if it's hot outside and not bundled up in 3 layers of sweaters).

    Then again... $70 is alot just for something that wouldn't last nearly as long (content wise, run out fast) as the bottle of the juice.

    I think I'll pass, unless there's some nice green irish tweed gift set out there.

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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    I have it and like it a lot - although I paid much less than $70 for it.

    BTW - Green Irish Tweed projects on me for well more than 3 hours - all fragrances don't work the same on everyone.
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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    Well i had both the fragrance as well as after shave balm. Being an aftershave balm the smell doesnt last long.It is suitable for only dry skins as it gets too oily.


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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    +1 for Nivea - I use the replenishing ASB, it's fabulous stuff!

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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    It's super pricey, but I must say as you apply it you know that's it a richly loaded AS balm, that's for sure.

    Is it worth it? Depends on you and your budget for such things. Certainly the highest quality AS balm I've ever tried.

    I'm a wetshaver and it is a first rate product. It very much compliments the EdT. Though it is loaded with the GIT scent, I wouldn't view it used on its own as a frag per se.
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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    thanks for the feedback everybody. I'm again, on edge on whether to purchase an accessory for my GIT. I'm leaning more towards the Deodorant stick now for $57.

    I find that I smell deodorants for hours more than an aftershave or showergel (based on my other cologne deo/aftershave/shower gel giftsets).

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    Default Re: Green Irish Tweed Aftershave balm owners

    I have the GIT shaving soap bowl.

    It's pretty good for shaving soap, but it doesn't provide much of a lasting scent (as you might imagine with something you wash off with water). I won't be buying another one. Better to use the money toward more GIT and just use a store-bought shaving soap/gel/foam with no fragrance. Neutrogena for Men is my favorite.

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