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    Default Blue cologne for men, by Blue Perfumes??

    I havent seen any posts about this one. Its on fragrancex but i dont see it anywhere else really. the image on frag.ex depicts an exact copy of the JPG bottle but now it actually comes in a thin cigar shaped bottle like the Cuba line, except all blue. The cigar like metal container is pretty cool too with the logo and a flowery design. This one is another JPG like scent and i like it from the start, i cant say for longevity though but its more subtle than Cuba gold which i like. I dont own actual JPG but i can say it is similar defnitely if not an exact copy. i know the JPG copies are rampant and i feel like beating a dead horse but i cant resist a JPG like scent for around $5. Anyone tried this? any comments?
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    Default Re: Blue cologne for men, by Blue Perfumes??

    There are others like this too. It doesn't seem like many BNers try many of these, because whenever there is a post like this one, it doesn't seem to get much in the way of helpful responses. From the "copies" I've tried, I would say that you have to be careful, because some are really crude and unbalanced. The Cuba ones seem to be fairly good, in terms of construction if not quality of ingredients. One really good one that is very cheap now is Histoire d'Eau by Mauboussin. And that's part of the issue. Why spend $5 or so when there are frags with good construction and ingredients for a few dollars more.

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