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    Default Kenzo Tokyo Alternative (better longevity!!)

    I'm looking for an alternative for Kenzo Tokyo just because of it's poor longevity (3 hrs tops on me). I really love the smell--I find it fresh, not clean, but just fresh (weird but I think it might be the ginger). I've tried Azzaro Visit, which is most often compared in the reviews, but I don't get the same feeling as Tokyo (must really be the ginger! ). I've already asked mattfoo and he suggested Gucci Envy, but I can't find it in stores anymore.

    If I were to describe Tokyo, I'd say it's fresh woody-spicy-gingery. Somewhere along those lines guys, don't want too much variation from Tokyo, just better longevity. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Kenzo Tokyo Alternative (better longevity!!)

    I've done my research, and based on the reviews, it would seem that Gucci Envy, Dior Homme Sport, and Herrera Refreshing Ginger are the leading candidates. Can anyone help? I might go on a blind buy on this one, but I hope I can get some help.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Tokyo Alternative (better longevity!!)

    I think only Dior Homme Sport will work in the Philippines.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Tokyo Alternative (better longevity!!)

    Try D&G Le Bateleur from the D&G Anthology series. It shd be available in dept stores...

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