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    Default Tennis and aftershave balm

    I like to play doubles with a group of guys about once a week. Afterwards, I
    usually like to towel off and freshen up a bit with a little aftershave balm
    until I can get my shower at my house. Before returning home, I'll
    probably grab some food at the mall and maybe look around a bit.

    The balms that are in my bag right now are Calvin Klein Truth and
    Aramis Life. I also have a larger balm container of Davidoff Echo
    and Bijon Wicked for replacement.

    The question is whether this is a suitable routine. Should I just use
    a deodorant instead? Will my sweat make the balms smell off-putting?
    I can't really smell anything wrong, but what about others?

    I usually rub some on my face and arms after changing my shirt and toweling off.

    How about sample or mini spray/vials for my tennis bag?

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Tennis and aftershave balm

    I'm not a dermatologist but I believe after shave balms are intended mostly for facial use only. Of course, many moisturizing-type lotions can (and are) safely applied to other parts of the body, but they are most likely going to enhance the fragrance at it's most optimum potential.

    If I were you, I would (as you suggested) switch to using a scented underarm deodorant, if you can find one in a scent you like. Or, just do what I do - buy some empty plastic atomizers (I buy mine from - no I am not affiliated w/ them...) and decant your favorite fragrance into your gym bag. Then you're good to go, whenever you need it.

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    Default Re: Tennis and aftershave balm

    I don't want to ruin you dream of smelling good after a game, but it ain't gon happen. I play basketball and even on cold days I know I smell like buttcheeks after two hours of running around.

    Using a fragrance after playing sports is like that nasty tradition of not bathing and then spritzing a fragrance to camouflage the funk; you won't fool anyone. If I were you, I would use the showers if there are any available. If not, I would go home and shower.

    The closest thing to a shower while outdoors is probably baby wipes. Good luck!

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