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  • Kouros - YSL

    80 41.88%
  • Antaeus - Chanel

    111 58.12%
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    Default Re: Kouros vs Chanel Antaeus

    I think they are both great, their personalities are a bit different. Antaeus is more formal (or rather, elegant) than the ostentatious Kouros. Were I to have Antaeus, Kouros would be on the back burner.

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    Default Re: Kouros vs Chanel Antaeus


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    Default Re: Kouros vs Chanel Antaeus

    I own them both.
    Damn ! It was very hard for my to vote ! I choose Kouros.
    They both smell great, but overall Kouros is better for me.
    Many people said in this thread that Antaeus is more wearable/versatile. I completly disagree with that though I can wear them whenever I want. In my opinion, they are, like all strong fragrances pretty hard to wear for some people, but I think that Antaeus is equal in terms of wearability with Kouros. OK, it's very hot outside (40+ Celsius). So (f***ing) what (like James Hetfield from Metallica said) ? You can easily resolve that issue using deodorant and no more then 2 sprays of Antaeus or Kouros.
    Kouros has better sillage/projection, but I can't tell which one lasts longer. They seem to be equal in terms of longevity to me.
    I am shocked by the number of people saying that it smells like urine/body odor. I don't smell that at all. Zero. Why should I care about how it smells anyway ? It's just divine. Does it smell like it did in the 80's ? I don't care because it is excellent as it is now.
    I won't comment about Antaeus here. Just read my review if you want to know my opinion.

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