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    Default Problem with a purchase from

    I've made a thread a couple days ago but it seems that no one pay any attention to it so I decide to raise my problem again with the seller name included.

    I bought a bottle of Escada Magnetism for Men, 3.4oz, NIB. The box and the wrapping was fine. However, the problem came with the bottle. I could not find any sticker or anything with any information on the bottle (usually we have the sticker or carved in information on the bottle which include information about the bottle, the manufacturer, the code that has to be identical to the one on the box right?). Yeah, there was nothing what so ever on the bottle. When I smelled the sprayer, although NIB and never been sprayed, I can smelled a faint hint of the scent. The juice, though, smelled the same to the vials that I've been using (even better) and lasted for more than 8 hrs with strong sillage.

    I've been using Escada Magnetism for Men for more than 6 months now from many vials that I had. Therefore I can say that I kinda "know" the scent in and out. However I've never been with or seen a 3.4oz bottle of Escada Magnetism for Men. Therefore I cannot tell whether the bottle has something with information on it or not so I'm kinda undecided about whether to return the bottle or not.

    By the way, has any of you guys have bad experiences with regarding the authenticity of the fragrance?
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    Default Re: Problem with a purchase from

    I'm pretty sure there's no money in counterfeiting Escada men's fragrances. There's certainly none to be made in making the fragrance better and longer lasting. I think you're safe.

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    Default Re: Problem with a purchase from

    I've spent several hundred dollars on fragrances purchased from over the past few years, and I have never had any problems with authenticity, packaging, or shipping. I think it's a very good bet that your product is authentic. Just chiming in.

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