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    Default 180s in how something actually SMELLS to you...

    I think most of us here have changed our minds about a fragrance at least once. Sometimes notes we didn't like we've adapted to, sometimes we appreciate a drydown we didn't wait through the top notes for, etc. What I'm curious about is if anyone else has, after a space of time, tried a fragrance and found it truly different from the scent they remember, yet are sure it isn't a case of spoiling, fraud, or reformulation.

    Today I received a bottle of Oud Cuir d'Arabie and was shocked to find - what's this? - a rose fragrance. Mind you, the leather is still there, as is the oud, and the boozy top notes, but it's like the character of the fragrance has changed in my mind's eye ( or rather, nose! ) Before it was first and foremost a leather fragrance, dark, harsh, and bone-dry, oud and leather cool and aloof. Now first and foremost I smell a big, bright, almost juicy transparent rose cooled by a medicinal oud and clean leather backdrop. The stars, somewhere between when I last smelled it and now, have become the supporting cast.

    I'm not at all unhappy, as I love rose, and have a great fondness for this new-to-me fragrance I've smelled before. Yet, the experience is somewhat odd for me none the less.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar strange turn-around in perception...?

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    Default Re: 180s in how something actually SMELLS to you...

    My stroll down- a quite recent, not too far behind- memory lane provides me with some answers:

    Knize Ten- from "dreadfully heavy thing" to one of the truly groundbreaking frags of the past century
    Opium PH- at first, I thought that "this might repulse anyone", but how can such lush, also discreet and still very masculine sweetness still exist in the fragrance industry?
    Aramis (the original from 1965)- at first, way to one-dimensional for my taste, but then, I never knew that soapy cleanliness can be so classy and so seductive
    Eau Sauvage and Gueralin Vetiver- "who can wear such classic frags nowadays, it is all too dated", but then I found quite experimental harmonies in their drydown, which would put far more contemporary frags to shame
    Burberry London for Men- my first sensations made ma associate it strictly with overly sweet licorice and syrup, yet afterward, a stunning mature and stylishly warm and spicy final impression prevailed

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