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    Default Rename the "City Shopping Guides"

    With so many posts about online perfume retailers, ebay sellers, and the like, how about we rename the "City Shopping Guides" to "Shopping Guides" and designate the forum for websites as well as brick and mortar stores? I think the number of posts of this type and the popularity of purchasing online justifies the change.

    What does everyone else think?
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    Default Re: Rename the "City Shopping Guides"


    I mentioned this before somewhere too. I think it should be called City and Online Shopping Guide, with an Online subforum listed first. The word 'Online' should be prominently viewable since so many people are obviously looking for this information when they post their many, many threads to the MFD, FFD, and JSO forums. I feel bad redirecting anyone to the CSG because it's still somewhat difficult to navigate. There are subforums for every country, but nothing that says "Online Retailers." Instead you must search thru many individual threads. I'd like to see something along the lines of the Single Note Exploration forum: one easy to find board with one thread for each online vendor.
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