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    Default BMM10: The Road To The Final Spritz Serge Lutens Region Preview

    BMM10: Serge Lutens Region Preview

    Somerville Metro Man back at the Spritz Center with a preview of the upcoming action in the Serge Lutens Region. Remember if you want to enter the prediction contest all of the details are at this link:
    It promises to be fun for all who enter and there will be some surprises for those who enter.

    Today weíll take look at the region that will get this yearís tournament off to a flying start with the play-in game between Czech & Speake No. 88 and Le Labo Rose 31. No. 88 made it all the way to the regional final last year and they do not like having to be one of the last bottles into the tournament. I expect they will take out Le Labo and likely provide one of the earliest upsets in the tournament when they get the #1 seed in the region Ralph Lauren Polo. The Crazy 88ís showed a surprising resiliency in last yearís tournament and I expect a similar run. It could get very interesting if Guerlain Jicky wins their first round match with Bond No. 9 Wall Street as Jicky and No. 88 are fragrances with strong followings. Whichever of those scents make it through to the regional semifinal I think that is where their run will end because their opponent is likely to be the #4 seed Dior Homme. A second round potential match-up with Serge Lutens Chergui could be problematic and if the Dior flagship takes them lightly they could get bounced earlier than they might expect. I donít think thatís going to happen and I think Dior Homme will make it to the Regional Final.
    The other half of the bracket looks to be a wide-open affair with all four of the first-round matches toss-ups in my book. I expect Armani Code to edge Chanel Allure Homme and Gucci Envy over B*Men but I think Armani Code will upset Envy. The team theyíll face in the regional semifinal will be Davidoff Cool Water who will edge Boucheron Jaipur Homme narrowly before upsetting Dior Fahrenheit. That will set up a populistís dream match of Armani Code versus Cool Water where Cool Water will win to face Dior Homme in the Serge Lutens Regional Final.
    Thatís it for this Serge Lutens Regional Preview, back tomorrow with a look at the Guerlain Region.
    Remember to get your predictions in.
    Until tomorrow, Somerville Metro ManÖ.Out!
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    Default Re: BMM10: Serge Lutens Region Preview

    It'll be Chergui vs Envy in a celebrity death match. Jicky, Polo, Cool Water -- siddown, kids. This round's for the big boys. Chergui tops Envy with a big can o' SL whoop-ass. Chergui a-l-l-t-h-e-w-a-y-b-a-y-b-e-e-e.

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    Default Re: BMM10: Serge Lutens Region Preview

    Crazy 88s are going to kick those silly 31ers.

    Jicky will kill Bond without even a spritz!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: BMM10: Serge Lutens Region Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB View Post
    Crazy 88s are going to kick those silly 31ers.

    Jicky will kill Bond without even a spritz!
    I agree with both points, even though I voted Wall Street in, I didn't have any idea where it would end up in the brackets.

    The most winners predicted by the prediction contest have come from this region, and out of the bottom eight frags in that bracket, seven of them have been predicted to make it to the round of 8. I sense some busted brackets coming out of this region.
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