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    Cool Please help me improve my YouTube reviews-JRWRITER

    Hello, my name is Jonathan known more on YouTube as JRWRlTER. I have become very intrigued with reviewing and collecting mostly designer fragrances & will be getting more into niche fragrances. I am fairly new to this hobby and would like you guys to watch my videos and help me improve my videos. Any suggestions, things i should add, things i should remove. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Please be harsh if you may, you opinions will only make me a better reviewer.
    Please let me know anything at all that i should do to improve my videos.
    I have much respect for all you basenoters and you guys know way more that i do in the fragrance world. I am only 20 years old and the passion that i have for this is indescribable, i will be at this for a very long time. Thanks again.


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    Default Re: Please help me improve my YouTube reviews-JRWRITER

    Hey JR how are you,

    I'm always watching your reviews and hauls and I enjoy it,
    I dont really know what you could add to your reviews to make them better, since to me their good enough, I mean at the end it's up to yourself if youre willing to blind buy it or test it out first

    But as far as Ive seen, some people on here (no offense), don't really like the reivews on youtube, so I dont know how others will respond to your question

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