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    Smile Vintage Tabarome YouTube Review!

    Hi folks,

    I figured you'd all be interested in watching the following:

    I hope this gives you a sneak preview into Vintage Tabarome.

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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome YouTube Review!

    Not a bad review, but it's not really a limited edition. They quietly stopped making it, and as the supplies dwindled to near nothing and they knew they couldn't or wouldn't make it anymore, they came up with the plan to sell the little bit they had left at a marked up price.

    Theoretically, there are still some bottles or flacons tucked away in some obscure stores. I doubt it was a very big seller for many, many years. I know it was available in my Nieman Marcus as recently as five years ago or so, but only in the flacon. As the flacons sold out, they weren't resupplied and frankly there probably wasn't much demand at all. It's pretty amazing stuff, but it is mature and very old school. I did four sprays today, and it was near toxic. Had to back it off.

    I'm embarrassed I didn't like when I sampled it a few years back. Didn't learn how to appreciate it till it was too late.

    I'm wondering if the new Clive Christian scent "C" is going to try pick up some of the Tabarome fans.
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    Default Re: Vintage Tabarome YouTube Review!

    It seems that the President for North America keeps handing it out to VIPs as a gift from Creed. Perhaps they were not so pleased. We'll see if it returns in another 5 years. 4 sprays? Yikes!
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