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    Default Phantom of the Opera

    My stepdaughter just loves Phantom of the Opera, so I was searching perfumes
    on the internet, and sure enough, they actually make something called Phantom
    of the Opera. My stepdaughter will probably turn 16 by the time she gets this.
    Do you think this stuff is actually any good? It wasn't to expensive. I payed
    about $18 for it, so no big loss if it stinks. I know that I make blind buys all
    the time that are much more costly than that!

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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    I would love to see Guerlain do a "Phantom" scent!

    Never had the chance to try "Phantom", hope it works for your daughter!
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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    Hah, I worked on Phantom of the Opera in London as a wig dresser for a couple of weeks (as part of my final year work experience in London College of Fashion). I have the soundtrack and the film (the film is a bit poor, but still fun). Love it - and it brings back such memories!

    Coincidentally, I am working on a personal formula called 'at the opera', but it lacks the phantom element. Do post your impressions if you end up getting this scent!

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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    Is this inspired by the musical "Phantom of the Opera," or the book by Gaston Leroux, "Le Fantome de l'Opera?"

    Let us know how it is. As long as *she* is happy with it, as it is a gift.
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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    Bigger than life, huge artificial jasmine, not realistic or pretty, sort of paper-y and crisp, with unclean woody musk in the dryout. Would not recommend to anyone, not even jasmine lovers.

    Go with something pretty, like Marc Jacobs Blush. Or, something classy, like Creed Spring Flower. Or, Pavarotti Donna -- peachy, citrucy, light.
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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    A review I wrote on this fragrance a while ago...

    "Because I'm an actor and a singer it's hard to walk past a perfume that is called 'Phantom of the Opera'. I recently went to visit a friend of mine in the city, who like me, enjoys collecting perfumes. I especially love her collection because she collects many rare and interesting ones.

    Phantom of the Opera is a rich floral and is surprisingly well-blended. It's somewhat of a classic and a mature type of scent, and I don't mean that in derogatory terms. While testing this fragrance I must admit I had Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous musical pictured in my mind. That image mixed with this fragrance did not disappoint. In fact, I can imagine someone wearing this as an evening scent and quite possibly dousing themselves in this fragrance just before attending a theatrical production in an elaborately designed, vintage theatre complete with velvet curtains and gold trimmings.

    I asked my friend as to how often she wore this fragrance and she said very rarely because she found the scent to be very similiar to Joy by Jean Patou, which she wasn't a fan of. I personally have never smelt Joy, so I can't comment on that comparison.

    My overall sum-up of this fragrance is one of elegance, sophistication and class. The bottle is equally as impressive with its rose detailing around the bottle and the cute rose shaped lid. Surprising however, was the fact that Phantom of the Opera smelt nothing like roses, so I questioned the reason as to why the bottle was designed in such a way. Perhaps the rose design was homage to the musical itself."

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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera

    Blood-orange: Thanks for sharing the review. I've noticed this one for awhile, since I love the opera very much. I'll put it on my to-test list...

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