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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Quote Originally Posted by JaimeB View Post
    Kewl! If I weren't a such a g*ddamn philosopher, I'd be jealous!
    JaimeB, I expect to be firmly in the camp of the Epicureans as I await my sample of Tobacco and Tulle...
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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Great thread DustB. This is why I missed you during your long absense.

    To the question at hand and I hope I am answering this correctly:

    I think Chandler Burr's book The Perfect Scent and Cathy Newman's The Art and Science of Scent have had a firm influence on how I feel about this matter. Panic in the corperate office's causes trend. Best selling fragrance causes trend. The panic to "catch up" with those best selling fragrances ( on the market) causes trend.

    Also, its sociological ( I think this is the correct term?). Is it appropriate to wear a certain type of fragrance considering things like the Aids issue in the 1980s ( loud fragrances). Or even is it apporpriate to wear a fragrance like Lauder for Men when it may be percieved as "unclean" smelling. I sometimes feel there is a social pressure to not wear alot of fragrances. But my age forces me into feeling this pressure as well ( I'l blame my age )
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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Just dropping by to express my appreciation for this really interesting, thoughtful thread. I've thought about this for a couple days and have concluded that I really don't know what creates a trend. The related question of what creates not marketing trends but taste is--or so I imagine--a little bit easier for me to get at. The culture's sense of gender roles and 'nature' and 'clean' and 'sexy' and 'refined' change and scent attempts to express those things as they change. A cultural history written through fragrance would be really interesting.

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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Trends: Here's my Marxist Theory interpretation: Trends are overt or subliminal manipulations of the market place to create awareness of new or surplus commodities. Vogue magazine, for instance, creates trends by featuring fashion stories that define the season at hand's creations. But what Vogue doesn't show you is that their editorial choices are based on who advertises in Vogue. Those Chanel No. 5 ads pay off in dividends when it comes to getting editorial pages.
    There will be a few non-advertisers that get editorial coverage, usually small companies that are actually innovators, but the majority of the clothing featured in their editorials will be Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Prada, etc.
    So I would say it's the media: print, movie, TV and web-based, who are behind creating most of the Trends.
    Word of mouth and niche trends are the free laboratories for all the corporate players. If you create an interesting new product independently that has a good business plan you will surely be bought out by the big guys.
    Such is life.
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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    I think it's a pretty complex topic with a lot of good insights here. I think a lot of it is driven by the biggest mainstream department store designers. Armani, CK, for a time RL develop scents, advertise them like crazy, and they get snapped up and sell well. Then other perfumers follow suit with frags in the same "arena." The question I want answered is what drives the perfumer to create something like AdG, or Dior Homme?

    Someone far better versed in male frag history than I could probably point to a handful of designer frags that then shaped many many subsequent offerings.
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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Quote Originally Posted by StylinLA View Post
    The question I want answered is what drives the perfumer to create something like AdG, or Dior Homme?
    I work with high end clothing designers in product development. A new collection always starts with the choice of fabrics, the sketches/designs come afterwards. There is an international fabric show in Paris, PREMIÈRE VISION, twice a year, in February and September, it's the first stop in designing a collection. All the nest season's planned fabric trends and innovations are shown to the designers/stylists there; the colors trends of the season are also dictated by the fabric houses at these expositions. This is why all the clothes in the fashion shows in New York, London, Paris or Milan, have the same cohesion to them.
    Annual and bi-annual trade shows exist for all major industries. In industrial/technological societies trends are started by the suppliers. Whether a trend catches on with the public is another story.
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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    In industrial/technological societies trends are started by the suppliers. Whether a trend catches on with the public is another story.
    Yes, but the suppliers also start somewhere. I know someone who is a consultant/trend watcher and she works for textile manufacturers among other things. It's really a chicken/egg situation to pinpoint where and how trends are born, isn't it? They come from the streets, the media, manufacturers and they filter upwards, downwards and sideways...

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    Default Re: What makes *trend*?

    Quote Originally Posted by tott View Post
    Yes, but the suppliers also start somewhere..
    You're absolutely right, it's the classic chicken/egg analogy.

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