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Thread: Bargin Buys

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    Default Bargin Buys

    Anything anyone can recommend from the 15-25 range... just starting out want to start small then work my way up

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    Is that dollars or pounds?

    How about going the miniature root? 4ml to 10ml sizes can be had in diddy versions of the full sized bottles for under your budget and if you're already rotating a few colognes, should last long enough to let you know if you want a full bottle. The Burberry's and Bvlgari's seem to come up a lot, and both have something in their lines you should like. Plus, if you want to trade to a big bottle, you can usually find them at a good price somewhere.

    Well, you did say start small ;)

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    True... I think im going to go with the samples buying e-bay etc and then buying maybe 1-2 bottles max a month... for now im looking to prob get about 5-10 cheaper bottles then work my way up sorta

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    LOL I just realized you said pounds No, I'm American so it's dollars Thank you for the insight

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    If you're near a TJ Maxx or Marshalls, they'll usually have one or two gems in the midst of the other stuff. Several bottles in my collection are from there.
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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    What kind of scents do you like?
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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    My cheapest retailer purchases were:

    -Thierry Mugler B*Men 50ml/1.7oz for £9.98 @ Wilkinsons
    -Gucci Pour Homme I 30ml/1oz for £15 @ Wilkinsons
    -Versace The Dreamer 50ml/1.7oz for £15 @ The Perfume Shop (on sale)

    Most of the time I shop online, but these were the few times where the high street retailer had a cheap bargain.
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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    How about buying decants? (I find it hard to imagine me using up a full bottle (say 100mL) of a fragrance in even a decade.)

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    I just aquired:

    Azzaro Visit
    Euphoria Men
    Dior fahrenheit
    Terre d'hermes
    BLV pour homme
    Jean Paul Gaultier- LE Male
    L'eau D'issey-Issey Miyake

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    Jacques Bogart Witness @ $11.19/1.7 oz at

    This is a kicka$$ cinnamon with attitude. Don't let the low price fool ya. It is a first class frag.
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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    I would go with Versace, The Dreamer. It is classy, sweet, mysterious, and certainly elegant.
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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    Quote Originally Posted by Highstyk101 View Post
    I just aquired:

    Azzaro Visit
    Euphoria Men
    Dior fahrenheit
    Terre d'hermes
    BLV pour homme
    Jean Paul Gaultier- LE Male
    L'eau D'issey-Issey Miyake
    Wow!!! Quite impressive actually... how long have you been doing this?

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    Hey, I can sell a new 50 ml of Witness for $6, so keep in mind that some of us BNers have a lot to sell or swap !

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    Default Re: Bargin Buys

    Well I have had about 14 from about highschool (03) to now soo.... but i've been reading reviews and seeing what people have to say... so as of today here's what I acquired... along with amounts... let me know of anything for the future... after today i'm done buying for a bit but will keep in mind Thank you


    Armani Code 0.17
    Versace The Dreamer 0.17
    Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme 0.33
    Slate/Bannana Republic 1.7
    CK Euphoria Men 0.17
    Dior Fahrenheit 0.30
    Terre D'Hermes 0.17
    Bvalgari Pour Homme 1 oz
    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 4.2
    L'eau D'Issey 4.2
    A&F Proof 1
    Aerpostale Sport 1

    Got a few minis to start small, plus as someone said earlier probably wont go through as much buying so many bottles....

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