A bit of background information first:
I am in no way a fragrance expert. I try to educate myself, and I guess that is why I am posting this question. Frequently, prior to retiring, I apply a scent of which I don't wear much, something that I am not sure I like, or that I do like but don't want to wear in public, etc. Wednesday night, I dusted off my bottle of Bijan for men. It was just how I remembered it, still not sure about it, intriguing, uncomfortable, interesting, disgusting, it matters not, really. My question is regarding what occurred the next day.
I happened to be walking past the Kiehl's store here, and stopped in to see if I liked any of their other scents as much as I enjoy their Musk. So, having read a bit here about their Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil, I proceeded to apply a small amount. Was my nose imprinted with Bijan, or are those two fragrances a very close match? I am not saying they are exactly alike, I did note differences, but the differences were overpowered by the similarities. The Kiehl's is tenacious (another similarity with the Bijan), so when I got home, I could apply a bit of Bijan again, just to test myself for "burn-in", or some sort of malady stemming from the night with Bijan that was causing everything used after it to smell only of Bijan. I don't think I have suffered any physical damage. Everything else still smells as it did before this incident, but the Bijan and the Kiehl's were still nearly indistinguishable.....To me....
I know that I'm a rookie. I miss things. I misidentify things. I've read so many other posts that say "X smells exactly like Y!", and most of the time, I see similarities, yet tend to disagree, as to me, the differences outweigh these similarities. In this case however, I found the differences to be almost indistinguishable. Am I losing it? Or is there a fir/nutmeg/patchouli/oakmoss accord in these two that I am perceiving as simillar? Or is it something else? Or, as I have been accused, am I nearly completely out of my mind?
I must say, with the Bijan, it is easier to apply a modest amount than it is with the concentrated Kiehl's oil, and in my mind, moderation is key to either of these two beasts. For ease of use purposes, I would have to say that I prefer the Bijan. Still not enamored, but things change, I couldn't stand the Bijan the first few times I wore it, but it does grow on one. Because of the concentration of the Kielh's, however, I can't see myself ever actually purchasing it. Unless I hear from y'all that I have lost my mind. Then I would have to acquire it, and spend more time with it in an attempt to train my nose to distinguish between the two.