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Thread: Bowling Green

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    Default Bowling Green

    Is Bowling Green as long lasting and have the same sillage effect as Gray Flannel? I have not smelled or used this since 1987.....

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    No on both parts. Bowling Green lasts only average on me, which is around 6 hours. It's sillage starts with a blast but quickly turns down to 1/2 and continually fades throughout the day.

    In contrast, Grey Flannel starts with a bang and keeps pumping out the sillage as it morphs towards its basenotes. Only 10+ hours does the show wind down.

    Great frags both, but very different in sillage and longevity, in my opinion.
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    Bowling on me lasted like 30 mins to an hour
    could of been bad juice
    but it smelled fine to me, just an overload of greens, like walking through a pine forest
    Def made me realize I am not a big fan of just green notes
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    No, not a sillage monster or nuclear longevity. A fine scent and the first that I bought for myself PBN (Post Basenotes) as a replacement to the Drakkar my girlfriend liked.

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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    BG is not the sillage monster that GF is. After the initial blast it mellows out significantly in less than 30 minutes. Not as lasting as GF as well. Its one of those frags best applied to the skin, with underclothes worn before the spot dries.
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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    Other than the fact they're both made by the same company, the resemblance ends there.
    Bowling Green is a fresh aromatic.
    Hell, they should have a picture of it in the dictionary under " Aromatic "

    Perhaps it's THE Aromatic

    Despite that it's not the powerhouse in sillage and longevity as GF ( few are )
    I think it's worth revisiting.

    It really did not get much attention here until it was discontinued.


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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    I own both of them and I agree with Doc. GB's spicy green gets a little too spicy in the heat, so I don't get to wear it much.

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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    I like this one, but it's not quite it's older Brother Grey Flannel

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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    Both are amazing frags, but Bowling Green is coming on in leaps as being my favourite of the two.

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    Thumbs up Re: Bowling Green

    Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene ranks as # 4 fragrance in my collection of around 120 frags. This is an exceptional Aromatic Woody fragrance that lasts all day on my skin. I have gotten more compliments on Bowling Green than on any other fragrance I own. This juice is fantastic!!!

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    Default Re: Bowling Green

    No sillage or longevity like Grey Flannel.
    But a much more accessible scent imo.
    Grey flannel has many notes which are abrasive and shrill to me,
    whereas Bowling Green is as pleasant and tasteful as standing on a fairway holding a lemonade.
    Liked this scent since 1st smell as a pre-teen in Ulta.
    Huge blast of Lemon initially, then dries into a nice balance of green/grassy notes, sweet spices (cinnamon/clove), and some other light green notes of Basil, Sage, Fir balsam and Juniper berry.
    Finally dries to light woody/green exit, classy all the way thru.

    I view this as the more timeless and friendly version of Armani eau pour homme, with also some of the appeal of Sisley's Eau de Campagne, although with a huge helping of aromatic herbs and spices to go with the lemon and greens.
    An absolute bargain, with appeal that spans an incredibly wide range, elicits positive reactions from Golf-playing republicans as much as by tree-hugging dreadlocked hippies.

    Beene's best imo.

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