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    Exclamation The Tesla Wore Prada.

    Occasionally I get out my bottle of Prada Ambre Pour Homme, as I did today, and really enjoy it's longevity and clean and attractive fragrance. I would not wear it everyday but I find it to be a keeper in my rotation. So, sometimes the devil (oops, I mean) the Tesla wears Prada!
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    I adore the women's Infusion d'Iris (in the light green box) and I understand that many men wear this.

    This, too, is a keepr for me. (On my second 1.7 oz bottle and have the 1.0 oz bottle for travel.)

    An almost powdery scent, and one DH has complimented me on (among my heavy, rich scents...)
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    Default Re: The Tesla Wore Prada.

    The Tesla smells gooood !
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