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    Default Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    There are very controversial opinions about this fragrance both here and e.g. on MUA. Blessed up to heaven on one hand compared to yuck on the other hand. I am confused.

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    It is one of those polarizing scents, isn't it?
    I love it.
    Now to add confusion, I hate "soapy" scents, and people who do not like this one often call it "soapy." I can't explain it. It just works for me.
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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    My friend who works for D&G told me when this was released it was meant to be the perfume equivalent of lingerie- clean and soft, staying close to the skin. I adore it, went through a 100ml bottle 2 summers ago. Its quite soapy but there is a powdery/aldehydic vibe that keeps it elegant as well. I can sometimes smell it on others and it makes me think I could wear it again. Lovely!
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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    I didn't like Sicily on me, too 'dense' and lemony/soapy. One day I complimented someone I knew on their gorgeous perfume and it was Sicily. It was so much better on her!

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    It is soapy for sure.....this is one I like.....Gary

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    I just got a sample of Sicily and my first impression is that I need to wait until warmer weather to have a second impression.

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    I personally love it!

    Very elegant, clean and in some ways soapy and aldehydic. I find it very unique and pleasant due to the intriguing banana leaf note.

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    This is one of my favorite nineties scents, and the only one I have ever liked from D & G. It's also an enigma for me, why I like it; it's both really sweet without a complex base and super bananic. Yet, on my skin, it's oh so sultry and warm. And whenever I wear it, people tell me I smell great.

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    Get Chanel 5, it's the best soapy one, still.

    from my point of view, Sicily is not worth the money... briny water saturated with soap gone bad and some putrid banana peels. Very icky.
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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    I like it but not enough to buy it - there are so many fumes out there I like much better! That said, I find it a lightly spicy, somewhat warm scent with a soapy feel to it. Would suit any weather and nearly any occasion. "Like" but not "love".

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    Default Re: Your opinion required - D&G Sicily

    Having spotted your thread, I dug my old Sicily sample vial out. I've been ambivalent about it for as long as I can remember.

    Today, however, it smells beautiful on me: yes, soapy and floral, but very richly so, with a distinct honey note. Having had it on my skin for about 4 hours now, I'd even say it was weirdly chypre-y at the base, which is very agreeable.

    There have been days when this has smelled less than great on me, but today it is utterly lovely. And, of course, now it has been discontinued (to the best of my knowledge).
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