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    Smile Newbie wondering what perfumes contain real oud etc.

    HI, First off I guess I will introduce myself. I have little to no perfume experience really at all. I am reading and learning as I go. But I am fixated and very interested in learning more about scent and even want to make perfume oils. I have learned a lot from this site already including that there are places you can by decants from. I didn't know that before. I am wondering how I can find out what mainstream perfumes contain true oud as opposed to synthetic. I know there are oils and that they are very expensive, but do they actually use real oud in any fragrances that are out there. Anyways, I am glad I found this place.
    Hopefully, I will learn more and actually find some perfumes that I can enjoy on me that are not too weak or too overpowering. I never realized before how much fragrances cost, but at least there are ways to try them out. Thanks for reading this in advance and peace.


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    Default Re: Newbie wondering what perfumes contain real oud etc.

    Hi Michelle and welcome to Basenotes! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    You won't find many (if any) regular spray fragrances that have real oud in them. Many will have synthetic "oud" or "aoud" or "oudh" but due to high cost the real stuff is hardly ever used.

    I've tried many of such "oud" perfumes and none of them was anywhere close to the scents of the real oud oils. If you just want to familiarize yourself with these fragrances anyway, I would suggest By Killian's Pure Oud, Montale's Black Aoud and Tom Ford's Oud Wood, these three are not unpleasant.

    If you are seeking information on the real ouds which are immeasurably deeper, more complex and luxurious than even the most expensive pseudo-oud fragrances, check out the Oud Social Group discussion and the Oud Thread right here on Basenotes.

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    Default Re: Newbie wondering what perfumes contain real oud etc.

    Thank you for replying. Yes I have much to learn on here and there is plenty of learning to do. Thank you for the info as I am not familiar really yet with the whole concept of oud use in perfume. I did find the social group and joined, but have a lot of reading to do right now. Thanks for the suggestions on what oud perfumes are not unpleasant to try as if I get decants of them then I will know what to try. Peace

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