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    Default Need help identifying perfume bottle

    I am trying to purchase a surprise present for my wife of a perfume in which she likes the scent of, but the bottle has no markings on it. It is now empty and in past conversations she had told me she doesn't remember the name of it. She has kept the bottle in hopes of replacing it. Based on the bottle construction it might be a lower end fragrance, but it still smells good and she likes it. I have searched online for hour and found nothing. It you think you know who makes it or know of a sight that might help me identify it please reply ASAP. Her birthday is coming up soon and I want to surprise her. This is NOT vintage, my guess is it was purchased in the last few years at most, probably in the last 18 months.

    Here is some pictures of it

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    Default Re: Need help identifying perfume bottle

    No idea...but it looks like something Cacharel??Some "Eden" flanker?Could that be?Sorry!!
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    I believe this is Wings by Giorgio of Beverly Hills. Check this link for a photo:

    Since its introduction, Giorgio of BH has sold the fragrance rights to Eliz Arden, I think it is. And a formula change followed. The newer version is fruitier on top and more powdery in the base. I hope this helps.

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    My guess is GBH's Wings too.

    Luckily for you it is not very expensive, so even if the formula is different the loss is not that big if she mislikes it.

    Good luck. I hope your wife will be happy, it was a really nice tought of you

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