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    Default Nice finds at the ol' homestead...

    So, yesterday I found myself rooting around in my parents cupboards through about 50 years worth of clothes, jewellery, collectibles, toiletries and what not (part of the story here -

    After we'd taken out the (sentimentally and monetarily) valuable stuff, most of what we were left with was of the charity shop variety. However a few things did make my day - some very nice unworn and unopened vintage dress shirts, a very nice hand made English leather wallet, which my mum bought for my dad around 40 years ago but he never used cos he wasn't keen on wallets (the thing still looks brand new), some very nice vintage cosmetics and womens frags (more details on them and their possible fate in the link above) and two unopened (and kept in a dark cupboard) original vintage men's frags - 100ml Brut 33 AS and 25ml of Yardley Gold AS in its original (minimalist) packaging.

    Yes, the Brut is "only" the 33 variety, but it is from the late 70s. Fascinating to smell vintage 33 compared with the new stuff. It's still not quite there, but to my nose smells very similar to the current "normal" strength Brut. Better still is the Gold - it's not just a regular run of the mill Gold, it's labelled "Yardley Classic Gold Medal Edition" and on the reverse of the sticker (visible through the bottle) it says "Specially formulated by Yardley of London for the upcoming Olympics", which I guess puts it at either 84 or 88 (don't think it's 92 - the packaging and label design looks very 80s). Now, how different this stuff is, if at all, from the original normal Gold, I don't know, but it's massively different from the current Parfums Bleu Gold. This Yardley one is big on the citrus, florals and leather, whereas I find the current one to be more on the rosemary, patchouli and amber - a bit too strong and powdery for me.

    All in all I'm quite a happy bunny.

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    Default Re: Nice finds at the ol' homestead...

    Great find
    my friend was visiting his grandparents house and found he had some vintage Guerlain Heritage
    he fell in love with it but could not dare take it as it was a memorable item left over from his grandfathers death (his grandmother is still alive)

    What a heart breaker!
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