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    Default "Designer Collection" Imposters at Big Lots for $.50 a bottle, but there is a catch...

    The other day I went to Big Lots and it turns out they had "Designer Collection" knockoffs for a mere $.50 for 3.4 bottles. Normally I don't mess around but for that price how could I refuse trying them? So far I tested three of these and wasted $1.50.

    "Sport" version of Polo. Interesting stuff. It smells nothing like Polo though. I tried this up against an older knockoff and the real thing, Lancer, and while Lancer is close to the original, this smells completely unlike Polo. In this case this is not a bad thing because its a completely different scent. Its a more woodsy more piney, more earthy, but less astringent smell. I actually kind of like it on its own merits because its a very nice outdoorsy fragrance, but its nothing like Polo.

    "Blue Desire" version of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. Very weak smelling, a bit of peppers grapefruit and a banana hint. Again not much like the original. I don't think this would last long enough to be a worthwhile buy.

    "Aquarius" verion of Acqua Di Gio. Of the three I bought its the closest to the real thing, but seems weaker. You'd go through it about twice as much of it vs. the real deal.

    Are they worth $.50? It certianly is cheap. I would definately buy the fake Polo. While it smells very little like Polo it doesn't smell bad if you like a piney woodsy smell, it definately will outlast the others in terms of strength. I'll probably hit up the other Big Lots and see if they have any more of these things floating around to try.
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    Default Re: "Designer Collection" Imposters at Big Lots for $.50 a bottle, but there is a catch...

    I remember buying "our versions" of polo Sport, Cool Water, and Tommy, back in HS.

    I think the companies name was "Fragrance Impressions", they sold them at Walgreens here in Chicago.
    I would gladly pay $0.50 for those same bottles just for nostalgia's sake.

    Is the "Sport" version of Polo in a red/white/blue package or a green/gold package? they generally would impart the designer colorway onto the packaging in one way or another. That would tell you which scent it was copying.

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    Default Re: "Designer Collection" Imposters at Big Lots for $.50 a bottle, but there is a catch...

    It was the green and gold obviously attempting to copy the original Polo, not Polo sport. It smells nothing like Polo. Too piney and earthy. Actually its not bad stuff, but not Polo like, I would definately buy another bottle if I stop at Big Lots and see it, it has a nice earthy scent.

    I've had better copies in the past. I went to some liquidation sale once and they had a bunch of knockoffs, I remember they had a really nice Cool Water knockoff that was cleaner without the annoying metalllic scent amongst other things, actually now that I think about it is closer to Green Irish Tweed but not quite the drydown. The catch to the liquidation sale was you bought one and got two free. I didn't wear any one cologne often enough so I ended up with a knockoff of Polo and a knockoff of Polo Crest as my two freebies. The Polo Crest imitation was nearly identical. The Polo knockoff did not smell like Polo when you first put it on but after an hour you'd never have known the difference. Second time they had that sale and I ended up there I of course bought another bottle of the Cool Water copy and ended up with another bottle of Cruise for Men (which I think is an awesome if underrated fragrance, I gues marketing it as a brand from a cruise ship kills its appeal), and a bottle of fake Safari. The fake Safari was by far the best copy of anything I ever tried, you'd be hard pressed to find any difference between the two at all.

    Usually I don't waste my money messing around with them, but at $.50 I thought it would be fun to try a few. The lighter ones are weak enough I'll practically have to soak myself in so they won't last too long. I may try and seek out another bottle of the fake Polo.
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    Default Re: "Designer Collection" Imposters at Big Lots for $.50 a bottle, but there is a catch...

    50 cents for a cool little impression sounds like a lot of fun. It would be great to get 10 cute little fragrances for 5 bucks.

    Edit: They sound like excellent stocking stuffers
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