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    Default Al-Rehab/Crown Perfumes

    A UAE perfume house, but their range is available all over now. They do a range of traditional Arabic and more modern scents in oils and sprays.

    Their 2009 Catalogue lists these scents:

    Abeer al Sharq (40ml spray)
    Action (3ml oil)
    Africana (35ml spray)
    Al Direya For Women (12ml oil)
    Al Fakhama (40ml spray)
    Al Fakheh (10ml oil)
    Al Fares (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Al Mithaliah (30ml spray)
    Al Nourus For Men (30ml spray)
    Al Nourus For Women (30ml spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Al Rafidain (3ml oil)
    Al Rehab 2000 (35ml spray)
    Al Rehab 25 (3ml oil)
    Al Rehab 30 For Women (25ml/30ml spray)
    Al Rehab Jewel (20ml oil)
    Al Rehab Pearl
    Al Rehab Tower (10ml oil)
    Al Sharjah For Men (20 ml oil)
    Al Sharjah For Women (20 ml oil)
    Al Sharquiah (6ml oil) (28ml spray)
    Al Thourayah (18ml)
    Al Wisam (12ml oil)
    Al-Direyah for Men (12ml oil)
    Alhanouf (3ml/10ml/15ml oil)
    Al-Mutamaizah (25ml oil)
    Anwar (20ml oil)
    Aroos Al Neel (14ml oil)
    Aroosah (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Aseel (3ml/6ml/15ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Asharquiah (20ml)
    Awatef (16ml oil)
    Bakhour (3ml/6ml/12ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Balkis (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Bravo (35ml Perfume)
    Champion (50ml Perfume Spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Champion (50ml spray)
    Champion Black (3ml Perfume)
    Champion Black (6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Chervil (35ml spray)
    Classic (10 ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml spray)
    Classic (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Collection (3ml Perfume)
    Crony (3ml Perfume)
    Dakar (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml Spray)
    Dalal (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Dehn Al Oud (3ml/6ml oil)
    Diwan (3ml Perfume)
    Ensaf (30ml spray)
    Fawakih (3ml oil)
    First Edition (30ml spray)
    For Men (3ml oil) (50ml Spray)
    Full (50ml spray)
    Golden (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Golden Sand (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Granada (10ml oil)
    Hams Alwaraad (20ml oil)
    Havon (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Istanbul Rose (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Jasmine (3ml/6ml oil)
    Khaliji (3ml/6ml oil/12ml) (35ml/100ml spray)
    Khawater (14ml oil)
    Lailat Al Omr (20ml oil)
    Lailat Farah (25ml oil)
    Landos (3ml oil)
    Lord (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Madani (3ml oil)
    Makkawi (3ml oil)
    Manager (35ml Perfume)
    Manar (20ml oil)
    Manarah (10ml oil)
    Max (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Maysooun (17ml oil)
    Mazaya (18ml oil)
    Mazaya (3ml oil)
    Miss Rose (3ml Perfume)
    Mister (35ml Perfume)
    Mokhalat Al Oud (3ml oil)
    Mokhalat Al Rehab (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml/50ml spray)
    Mokhalat Dubai (3ml/6ml oil)
    Mokhallat Hawa’a (30ml spray)
    Monaco (35ml Perfume)
    Murjanah (16ml oil)
    Nadine (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Nany (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Naseem (16ml oil)
    Nazir (50ml spray)
    Nebras (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Nesma (15ml oil
    Noria (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    One Secret (35ml spray)
    Original (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Oudh Al Rehab (50ml Perfume Spray)
    Prince (3ml/6ml oil)
    Private (35ml Perfume)
    Promotion ((50ml spray)
    Pure (35ml Perfume)
    Randa (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Rasha (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Red Rose (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Rivera (35ml Perfume)
    Roma (35ml Perfume)
    Rose (3ml/6ml oil) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Roshan (3ml oil)
    Rosy (3ml oil)
    Royal Oud (40ml spray)
    Saat Safa (3ml/10ml/15ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Sandra (50ml/80ml EDP Spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Secret Man (3ml/6ml oil)
    Shadha (3ml oil) (35ml spray)
    Shadow (35ml Perfume)
    Shaikah (3ml/6ml/10ml oil/15ml/20ml) (60ml spray)
    Shandy (35ml spray)
    Sharazade (40ml)
    Sharjah (30ml spray)
    Silver (3ml/6ml oil) (35ml spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Simara (35ml Perfume)
    Skila (10ml/60ml EDP)
    Sparta Rose (3ml oil)
    Sponsor (3ml oil)
    Sultan (3ml/6ml oil) (30ml spray) (35ml spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Sultana (3ml/10ml oil) (30ml spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Super Man (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Susan (3ml/6ml oil)
    Taif (15ml oil)
    Taifi (3ml oil)
    The Man (3ml oil)
    Tokyo (3ml Perfume)
    Victory (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Vigy (3ml oil)
    White Full (3ml/6ml oil) (50ml spray)
    Wigdan (3ml/6ml oil)
    Windy (100ml EDP Spray) (8ml Perfume Pen)
    Zaeem (50ml spray)
    Zidan Classic (35ml spray)
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