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    Default Yep, I'm hooked...

    Since high school, I've always just worn Drakkar Noir and then switched to Curve when it came out. Loved the smell and never even thought of trying out other scents. And honestly, was just too busy with a new family and didnt have the time. After a trip to Epcot Center and visiting the Prada store, I bought a bottle of Bergamotto from the Acqua Di Parma line. Being a huge fan of Earl Grey tea, the scent just knocked me off my feet in a good way! Now being home for a few weeks, I've added a few new bottles to my collection and I want it to grow. I just find my taste for certain scents can change depending on my mood. And being a sufferer of depression, uplifting scents has really helped to bring my mood up during the day and night. The warm, spicy drydown of Burberry Brit in the cold winter of Michigan is really relaxing.

    So anyway, consider me hooked on fragrances.

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    You are not alone and, since I was 14, instead of at least trying to counteract my addiction, the fascinating thing is that, the more frags I own, the more my collector's pride, my both sensory and mental pleasure found in frag, my never ending curiosity for new designer and niche houses have never ceased to constantly amplify, leading me to the conclusion that fragrance industry may be, at least as long Basenoters exist, the most sustainably growing economic sector, because we always seem to be coming back for more, without even looking at the money

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    Default Re: Yep, I'm hooked...

    How can one NOT be addicted to such pleasant smells? I often wonder that people are OK with their 'natural' scent or content to smell like grocery store soap or bodywash! Or worse, Ok with unpleasant smells! Are our senses of smell that much better than other persons? If love of perfumes is an addiction - and I believe it is - it is not a harmful one except to one's purse!


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    I consider myself hooked in the respect that I cannot live one day without wearing a fragrance or feeling transported when enveloped in my scent of the day.

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