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    Thumbs up Blind Buy...Daddy Yankee

    Usually the celebrity fragrances are horrible, Paris Hilton, Usher, Beckham.. I found Daddy Yankee at TJ Maxx 12.99 for a 1.7 oz.

    The initial scent is actually very good. Youthful, fruity, stands out a bit and renders a ton of compliments if somebody catches it on you in that first 3 minutes, sillage is moderate in this time. After then the top notes are completely gone. The top notes are lovely though, I get a lot of apple, some light florals and a pineapple or pina colada thing going on. As it tones down.. for some reason I smell some chocolate, maybe a little cinnamon and some ginger and maybe a little basil in there as well...completely different from that very invigorating first 3 minutes. During the dry down the woods begin to emerge.. some cedar and a bottom note of suede. In the very end I get like an apple spice/cedar thing going on with very light sillage. Very unique for sure. One of the better blind buys I've made. Problem is it's longevity, all of this happens in 2 hours max. But it's a very very pleasant 2 hours all the way through to the end.

    All in all, it makes for a surprisingly great fragrance. Comes in a very nice bottle that actually comes with a necklace that you can pull off (but I kept mine on because it adds life to the bottle)

    Have any of you guys tried this stuff? Leave some comments

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    Default Re: Blind Buy...Daddy Yankee

    Really surprised by this as well.

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    Default Re: Blind Buy...Daddy Yankee

    I'm going to wear this as my SotE tonight. The dog tag necklace made my day when I got the bottle though. How funny is that, a fake dog tag necklace with a plastic diamond on it inside the cap!
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