So there are a few of these bottles made by Givenchy. They don't get much commentary either on BN or on Youtube. Honestly i think the most under rated summer fragrance ever.

Here are the choices

VERY IRRESISTIBLE FRESH ATTITUDE FRAGRANCE NOTES - Cedar, grapefruit zest, fresh mint, basil, lavender, mocha

VERY IRRESISTIBLE FRESH ATTITUDE SUMMER COCKTAIL FRAGRANCE NOTES - basil, star anise, lavender, green cardamom, mint leaves, grapefruit

VERY IRRESISTIBLE FRESH ATTITUDE SUMMER SORBET FRAGRANCE NOTES - Grapefruit, Mint, Cranberry, Basil, Icy notes, Aqueous notes, Cedar, Bilberry, tomato leaves

VERY IRRESISTIBLE MAN FRAGRANCE NOTES - Virginia Cedar, Mint Leaf, Hazelnut Wood, Grapefruit Peel, Mocha, Sesame Seed

The one i currently have is the Regular Fresh attitude, but look at the Summer Sorbet, DAM!!! Now that is what i call a note line up! I might have to buy that one blind, what u guys think