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    Smile Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    Hi Everyone,

    I happen to have a sample of every fragrance that Bond No. 9 makes. I was hoping to take some to my mother as a gift but would prefer to only hand over the outstanding ones. What would your suggestions be for more mature woman? She absolutely loved Amouage Gold for women when I sent her samples of the Amouage line. Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    Chinatown was highly rated (five stars?) in Turin's perfume guide, so that's a conversation point about it. It's also good.

    I love New Haarlem, but it's not subtle - very sweet and very coffee. It may not appeal to an older woman's perfume taste.

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    My mother enjoyed Little Italy and Scent of Peace when I treated her a few years back

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    Chinatown is the one that seems to get the most love (I tried it once and it didn't work for me; need to revisit though)

    Silver Factory also seems to be rated highly (somewhat fruity incense)

    Personally, I love Lexington Avenue (slightly sweet [caramel] and woody, reminescent of Feminite du Bois but a little more gourmandish)

    I used to be fond of West Side (rose drenched in wine), but I haven't worn it in a while.

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    China Town, Scent of Peace and Union Square are some that my Wife really likes.....Gary

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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    How old is Mom??? I feel I am probably close to her age and feel good about echoing what's been said already. Chinatown and Little Italy are my 2 faves! Chinatown has... shall I say... an "oomph" to it while Little Italy is just pure... and not as "oomphy". I would start with it if she is not familiar with the Bond No9 rainbow of scents. Have fun!
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    Default Re: Bond No. 9 - suggestions?

    I'm 'mom' age too, I love Chinatown, Lexington Avenue and Nuits de Noho!


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