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    Default Aftershave vs EDT

    Lately, I have been able to pick up some good vintage aftershaves from ebay - Derby, Paco Rabanne, Chanel Pour Monsieur- and although in some cases (Derby) the longevity suffers, it is quite nice sometimes to have a more subtle fragrance which every now and then wafts into your nose. I have also been able to pick up quite cheaply a partly used Cuiron Aftershave and if this is a more subtle scent , the EDT must be a monster! Applied six hours ago and still going strong!

    What does everyone else think of the much-maligned aftershave as opposed to the EDT? Are there other aftershaves which have a comparable sillage/longevity to the EDT ( such as Paco Rabanne)?

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    The issue I have is that for the first few minutes, the AS is very present,,,too much so and overwhelming with some scents. Then in my experience most of them fade to near nothing. I also don't like the high alcohol content of most AS on my face after a shave.
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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    For me they serve two different purposes. Aftershaves tone the skin and close pores after shaving (I normally add a dab of something like 444 balm to give splashes more healing properties) and as such don't rely on them for my primary scent. On the contrary, lately I've been using lightly-scented aftershaves or balms with little or no longevity that wont interfere with whatever cologne I choose to wear.

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    Edt for me all the way.....After shaving I also use a balm.....Edt or an Edp if one is available.....Gary

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    Hi joelarner, if you like aftershave try the Pinaud Clubman aftershaves. All good, especially the Original Classic. they last as long as EDT's and you'll love it

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    As I just posted in my thread about Pierre Cardin, English Blazer is one long lasting aftershave, probably amongst the longest lasting ones I've tried. It'll last all day easily and then some. Can easily get 12 hours out of it. No need for an EDT when the aftershave lasts that long. They make or made an EDT of it but its incredibly hard to find, I'd have to imagine that stuff would be insane. English Blazer though is an interesting scent, its kind of like like Drakkar Noir with more citrus and less mossy, but doesn't seem so dated.

    Minotaure's aftershave lasts a long time as well but not as long as the EDT but it has a lighter sandalwood note so its more refreshing in the summer.
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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    Aftershave usually smells different from the fragrance all togehter, like more bland, watered down but with a barber shop like scent (Barbosol maybe?) thrown in there as well. I've noticed this to be the case with most aftershaves. I don't even bother if I see them.

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    If I strictly go after the fragrance notes, it's EDT for me, beyond any doubt, since most if not all aftershaves, as correctly remarked on this thread, are gone in a matter of minutes
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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_Russell View Post
    If I strictly go after the fragrance notes, it's EDT for me, beyond any doubt, since most if not all aftershaves, as correctly remarked on this thread, are gone in a matter of minutes
    There are some good, cheap aftershaves out there that will outlast a good number of EDT. Like 'Seasoldiermarine' said earlier, think of Pinaud Clubman,,,, their Original Aftershave stays for a long time. Same thing with Pinaud Special Reserve. Even the cheapo Barbasol Brisk from the Dollar store is good for at least 6-8 hours.
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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    Thanks for all your feedback. I think that aftershaves have progressed slightly and that there is more of an effort to retain the spirit of the fragrance than there has been in the past. A good example is Gucci pour Homme aftershave (the Tom Ford guided one) which has the potency and longevity of an EDT and still retains defined notes. I agree that in the past an aftershave was designed along traditional lines with a blast of fragrance and then a more subdued fragrance (similar to a classic EDC). However, these were designed also as splash bottles and so generally more was used to achieve a fragrant effect. I think for basenoters with a limited budget, the world of classic aftershaves (Derby, Chanel- a gentlemans aftershave etc) is an economic way to explore thes marvellous scents without raiding the savings account.

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    I don't use aftershaves cos my skin's bad enough without the added drying capabilities of an AS. But the only two I would consider (and have ever considered) are Aramis (classic) and Tabac.

    Aramis because it's identical to the EDT, is genuinely good at soothing post shave skin and has longevity which is roughly equal to the EDT. It also has a really nice cooling effect when you put it on - like the reverse of the burn from Pinaud Bay Rum. I know that's a good burn, but the Aramis cooling is just a little bit different.

    Tabac because it's almost a completely different frag from the EDT (and the EDC) - much more fruity - and, again, has decent longevity for an AS.

    Apart from those two, I've never seen the point of AS - if you want to smell nice why use an expensive AS which is usually gone within an hour or two, when you can use a much cheaper (and better for the skin) moisturiser and then put on an EDC or EDT?!?!?

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    Default Re: Aftershave vs EDT

    I don't shave so aftershaves don't interest me at all. If I happen to have one, it'll be used as light fragrance or to water down the EdT when I want shorter longevity of the scent.
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