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    Default More "thrills of the kills" ('Bay goodness)

    I should technically be posting this in the "what you bought today" thread, but I'm particularly proud of an eBay haul spread across two days (yesterday and today).

    Some of you may have read my other two recent threads about some good fortune last week, scoring a vintage Aramis Havana gift set off the 'Bay, and finding a late 70s bottle of Brut 33 and an 80s bottle of Yardley Classic Gold (Medal Edition) in my parents' "stuff" cupboard. Some of you may also remember that my success on eBay with auctions has been zero for years - that Havana set was the first thing I've ever won at auction. Until today, that is.

    Yesterday morning I came into a little bit of money. Not loads - it wasn't a lottery win or anything - but it was enough to put a decent amount away for our sprog (due any week now) and have a little left over for spending money. So I decided to see what damage I could do on the 'Bay. The first thing I saw was a BIN new, boxed and sealed of Eau Sauvage. I've loved ES for years, but I've never actually owned a decent sized bottle. Time to put that right - 100ml of the EDT for 41. Not the cheapest (nor is it the most expensive), but it's from a buyer I trust and have used many times in the past. My follow-ups were an incredible run of good 'Bay fortune for me, all of which ended today -

    A vintage boxed and unused 100ml Faberge Brut EDT for the princely sum of 7. Not quite sure if it's from the 80s or 90s (the box never changed in that time, so until I see the bottle I won't know, but either way it's Faberge);
    A vintage (old box, tall bottle) unopened 100ml Eau Sauvage EDT, spotted by accident minutes after buying the new bottle. Never thought I'd win this one, but it was spelt wrong and under womens perfume and I only came across it cos I was researching prices for some vintage womens frags. Bid the opening 9.99 and also chucked on a max bid of 20. To my surprise there was only one other bidder, who gave up at 14.50, which is what I got it for. I hope it's legit - the seller seems genuine (sells random and various things, 100% feedback etc) and I think they just didn't really know what they had. Fingers crossed, anyway;
    My third and final win today was a boxed and unopened Corvette gents gift set for 9.99 (it was the opening bid and I was the only bidder), comprising 100ml Corvette Blue AS lotion, 100ml Corvette Green brilliantine (which I think can also be used as a skin frag) and a shaving soap in a bowl (great for me cos I'm also a trad wet shaver - hopefully the soap will be an old style English tallow soap a la Yardley). The description claims it's from the 40s, but I seem to remember Corvette being around in the 50s and 60s. Either way, it's for a charity sale, so it's a feel-good buy regardless.

    So that was my money (plus a few pounds extra) used up and, I think, time to quit whilst I'm ahead!
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