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    Default Rive Gauche Cologne??

    A pal recently gave me a bottle of Rive Gauche, that she had bought in a lot of scents from an estate sale.

    Curiously, it is in a glass bottle, which I have never seen before (it usually coming in the aluminium can). Further, it is a cologne -- a strength I never knew existed -- and was apparently 'Made in the USA', which also surprised me.

    I'm intrigued. It smells delightful: very soft and floral and uncharacteristically polite. It's an old-ish bottle, so seems to have lost its aldehydic sparkle. Does anyone recognise this scent and can anyone date it?
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    Default Re: Rive Gauche Cologne??

    My sister recently gave me an old bottle of Rive Gauche also! It is a splash bottle too, not the can, I was surprised but it is indeed Rive Gauche - I will look at the bottle for marks later and get back to you.


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