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    Default "The Right Stuff"

    Hi folks,

    I am going to focus on wearing and contrasting some of the "big 'uns" over this next couple of weeks just to deepen my understanding and appreciation of 'classic guy stuff' if you will. There are several names that come up a lot and I am fortunate enough to have picked up these ones over the last year or two:

    Patou Pour Homme
    Maxims Pour Homme
    Tiffany for Men
    PdN New York
    Creed Bois de Portugal
    Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Guerlain Heritage

    I know that these are not technically the same kind of scents, but if we were to say they fall into 'the right stuff' as a general heading, are there any you would care to suggest to add while I'm doing this exercise or share your own thoughts comparing or contrasting one vs another? Any thoughts most appreciated

    PS It goes without saying I LIKE these - I just want to get to know them better and explore . . .
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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    Vintage Tabarome
    VC&A Pour Homme

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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    Chanel pour Monsieur won't disappoint. Try Dunhill 1934 if you can find it or Eau d'Hermes.

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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    very nice list
    I am assuming that is vintage Chanel PM (green juice, not orange one)
    some others I would add are
    Chanel Antaeus (preferably Vintage)
    Chanel Egoiste (Vintage)
    I 2nd Vintage Tabarome
    Black Aoud
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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    I find it interesting that most the fragrances you mentioned here have dominant lavender notes, or at least a fougere structure. They also smell very classic to my nose, and somehow define class and comfort at the same time. Truly some of the greats. Maybe the association of these scents with men of our past, along with the soothing effects of lavender result in them smelling like the "right stuff?"

    Another one you might like to add to your list is Invasion Barbare, which is kind of like a mix between Fahrenheit and Heritage, or something like that... Either way, it's another "big'un!"
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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    Guerlain Vetiver
    Monsieur Givenchy

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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    At first glance, Derby and Giorgio for Men.

    After some thought, I may be back with more.
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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    Creed Baie de Genievre is another that would seem to be at home amongst your list. This is definitely "classic guy stuff."
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    Default Re: "The Right Stuff"

    Thanks for such great recommendations and suggestions so soon . . . I can see this is going to turn into a really interesting exercise - very grateful. The lavender / fougere mention is revealing for me, and funnily enough Invasion Barbare is one name I had noted earlier to explore - I've seen it come up before here. This is fun - thanks.
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