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    Default Brick and mortar perfume stores

    I'm planning to set up a small shop (my home-based shop is getting too small for the customers) in one commercial centre near our place. Do you guys have any tips for a newbie perfume shop owner like me?

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    Default Re: Brick and mortar perfume stores

    Good luck to you! Testers and samples are a real incentive to visit a b&m store, if you can be well-supplied in those it will help. Customer interaction is key, running the gamut from guidance to benign letting the customer do her/his own thing. I'd say try to have some unusual items, not just the stuff you see everywhere.

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    Default Re: Brick and mortar perfume stores

    I am always much more likely to buy a fragrance when auxiliary products are available. I'm a sucker for shower gels, body lotions, bath powders, and body cremes in particular - the ultimate luxury. I realize that there aren't many lines that offer the whole range, but I'd advise you to stock whatever you can of the lines that do. Thierry Mugler's Angel has tons of scented bath and beauty products, including body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, hair mist, body oil spray, solid perfume compacts and Angel-scented celestial blue lipstick! However, these fun things only seem to be available online and for a short time only. I'd love to find a store that regularly stocked some of these items (in various fragrances, of course.) I would shop there often, and I would spread the word.

    Best of luck - the real world needs more perfume boutiques!

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    Default Re: Brick and mortar perfume stores

    Here is a good thread on what not to do: Irritating questions asked at perfume stores
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