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    Default British Crown by Louangel

    I bought a bottle of this vintage stuff off ebay hoping that since it had a wood top on the bottle I might get something close to English Leather but perhaps closer to what it used to be like. Well this stuff is rather interesting. It is basically a strong mixture of Leather, caramel, wood and musk. The opening lasts and lasts, strong leather and wood with a hint of caramel (just that subtle hint of it, but well overpowered by the leather). Eventually (it was several hours) the Leather finally subsides to a woodsy musk but overly heavy on the wood. Smells too outdated in my opinion, something strictly from the 1970s. I'd picture some old guy at a gentleman's club wearing something like it. Interetsing experience though. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so in your face with the leather and it subsided sooner.
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    Default Re: British Crown by Louangel

    Thanks for this! Something to add to my "avoid" list.

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