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    Default I think I just found my layering HG !!!

    A couple of days ago, I decided to wear the rest of my sample of Onda (till I impatiently wait the EDP ). The longevity and sillage this thing has, even with just .2ml left is INSANE! It's been a couple of days and four showers later and I can still catch whiffs of its unadulterated strangeness! Anyways, I just showered and a thought occured to me. I remember an old thread over at the men's forum about someone wanting Shalimar but with extreme leather. Hmmm.... you get my drift folks?! I toweled off and quickly emptied my "empty sample" onto clean, dry skin! I mean I probably got a couple of tiny drops maximum out of it...and still it's nuclear! I then took some Shalimar EDP and sprayed one spray onto the Onda. The combination is breathtaking! At first, the Shalimar overwhelmed the Onda, but the really noticeable thing is the pumped-up civet! Then the sweetness of Shalimar really started to emerge along with the leathery vetiver from Onda. It's like a symphony that has been begging to be played! Even with the miniscule amount of Onda, it ends up winning the fight with it's leathery drydown as opposed to Shalimar's powdery Guerlinade. I urge you folks to try this layering (and I'm no big fan of layering!) combination, and I'm sure you'll be addicted as I am.

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    Default Re: I think I just found my layering HG !!!

    Scent- thank you for this . Onda Onda Onda- I will get to trying this as soon as I get on home to the US . Actually I can see how Shalimar and Onda would make a good combination - right now I can only imagine though..............
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    Default Re: I think I just found my layering HG !!!

    Scent, what a great idea. I have a sample of Onda, and have considered it too much for me. Layering with Shalimar sounds like it would really mellow it out and provide a bit of sweetness. Otherwise, it was just toooooo over the top and lasted FOREVER. I'll give this combo a try!
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    Default Re: I think I just found my layering HG !!!

    Sounds fantastic! I wish I had thought of it

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