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    Thumbs up Parfumerie Generale

    I tried a fragrance tonight that I found very pleasing from Parfumerie Generale. I have long liked Aomassai and I now add to the list; Iris Taizo. I must admit that I am partial to Iris fragrances but, the combination of ingredients created in this formulation simply is greater than the sum of the parts. It is Iris in a warm luscious base that keeps me thinking ummmmmh! I like it. It makes me feel like wearing a tux with wing tip collar, butterfly bow tie, diamond studs and links on frech cuffs, top hat, cape and cane. Shades of the Compte D'Orsay. Let me know your thoughts.
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    I quite like Iris Taizo, but it's slightly too dry for me somewhere in its construction. A different fragrance with almost the same iris note is Cuir d'Iris, whichstrongly appeals, and has greater depth to my nose. It's my personal preference.

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    I thought I would love this one from the notes but something about it annoys me after I have worn it for a while. I'm also really frustrated that I don't get any iris at all from Cuir d'Iris but I have a 10ml decant and I'm going to persevere 'til I damn well do. Felanilla is my favourite from the range and my favourite iris of them all - including Iris Silver Mist and and 28 LA Pausa. AND it has oakmoss !!!

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