IO'm fairly new to the whole fragrance scene...kinda got into it a couple of years ago, but basically, get what I like and trade here and there. I have some of the staples: AdG, Cool Water, Eternity, Code, Double Black, Allure. A few I really like: Gucci II, Narciso Rodriguez for Him, TdH, Jardin Nil, Allure Sport, Allure Blanche, D&G. And a few niche: Himalaya, GIT, HOT Always, Assoluta Intensa.

I'm basically looking for someone who can teach me about the process, DIY, how to trade, other sites to get info and fin like minded individuals and help me find a few new and different frags to try. I wish I were loaded and could just do buy whatever I wanted lol....but on a budget, I;d like to pursue this hobby in a way that's not excessive but still fulfilling.

About me: Male, employed, college-educated, love to ski, bike, hike, play sports, 28 years old and have a good sense of humor. (think I could copy and paste this to eHarmony??? lol) ANyway, just looking for someone who wants to discuss frags (all kinds from CK to Malle to DIY) and pass on the knowledge to the next cologne generation!

-Thanks, Ben