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    Default White flowers/Incense

    You guys are so good at suggestions.

    I love the Tuberose/orange blossom and sweet incense mix in Michael by Michael Kors, but the dry down is distinctly cheap and shampooish on me. What a bummer! Can anyone recommend something similar?

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Try Daphne Guinness by Comme des Garcons

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Gio de Giorgio Armani and 273 Beverly Hills, maybe Carolina Herrera. None of them are big on incense, but they all have that tuberose/orange blossom thing going on and are similar.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    When I saw the title my first thought was L'Artisan Passage d'Enfer but then I saw Michael and have no suggestion for anything similar...
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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Jo Malone - Lotus Blossom & Waterlily has a beautiful white flower & incense combination. It isn't as sweet as orange blossom, though.

    You might also check Armani Code which is a nice orange blossom frag. But be sure to try it at a dept. store. There are fakes on the internet.
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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Seconding Daphne, though it's much more floral than smoky to me.

    My favorite tuberose and incense, Ayala Moriel's Tuberose Lei, is nearly unattainable, unfortunately.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Chanel No. 22! My scent/sample of the day.

    editing to add Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois. Almost as good as 22.

    Both luscious white florals and incense, but with aldehyde kicks (and SSS has more wood and amber drydown). I'm thinking that it is a good "tide me over" scent while I save up for the jug'o Chanel.
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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    JM Vintage gardenia. It's gardenia and incense.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Yay! These are all excellent recs. I have yet to try No. 22, but I don't know what I was waiting for (maybe for smaller sized bottles, Chanel!). So thanks for encouraging. And some of these I haven't heard of, so that gives me more to sample (oh, my poor bank account).

    And I've already been dying to try Daphne. What do you guys think of it? Does it live up to its hype?

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Passion by Annick Goutal.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Quote Originally Posted by latelittlesleeper View Post
    And I've already been dying to try Daphne. What do you guys think of it? Does it live up to its hype?
    Yes, with the caveat that it's absolutely a try-before-you-buy fragrance. People seem to get weird things out of it ( I remember one review describing it as a spicy oriental - not my take, at all ).

    To me, Daphne is related to fragrances like Fleur du Male and Boucheron Femme more than Fracas or Carnal Flower. It has a certain sweet denseness and powdery mixed-floral vibe that smells retro to me, but jazzed up with orange and a raspy smoke note. Extremely potent, too.

    In the end it wasn't my thing at all, but I definitely found it to be both interesting and high-quality.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    I don't know Michael, but Poison fits the white flowers/incense description quite well, and it does not seem shampooish to me.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Try "Cassini" if you haven't already. There is also "Marie Antoinette" by JoAnne Bassett, lots of tuberose, roses and incense in it.

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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    +3 Daphne, +2 JM Vintage Gardenia ( however Vintage gardenia has prominent cardamom in it too )

    I would also recommend my latest love- Narcisse Noir by Caron.
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    Default Re: White flowers/Incense

    Nu by YvesSaintLaurent is a nice mix of white flowers, vetiver and incense, it's worth a try if you can find it in the EDP.
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