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    Exclamation ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    This is a suggestion for all the basenoters attending the trade fair in Milan, that this would be a perfect opportunity for a get-together and an equally good chance to do some serious wardrobe swapping!
    I certainly donŽt want this to sound like a plug for myself, but I am specialised in my collection of discontinued and rare fragrances and would be only to happy to swap stuff and meet other basenoters.
    My suggestion is that basenoters who will be attending can, if they wish, register their name on this thread. This would give us the chance to contact each other per private message re. swaps/wish- lists/meeting dates etc.
    I hope to meet some of you there!
    Best Wishes,

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    Default Re: ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    I have an invitation and am tentatively planning to attend on March 27. I will be in Torino but plan to go to Milano that morning, attend the show, and then return to Torino that evening. I'd be happy to meet any Basenoters in attendance that day.

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    Default Re: ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    Thanks noggs,
    I would definately like to meet you there and will contact you per private message.

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    Default Re: ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    I've got to say that I'm surprised by the overall lack of interest in this, especially among our Italian and other European members. This event seems like something most Basenoters dream about.

    Of course there are competing obligations, event timing, logistical and financial issues involved, and I understand that. But even so I thought there might be more attendance, especially from Basenoters living relatively close to Milan.

    I think Grant may be there representing Basenotes in an official capacity, but is anyone else going otherwise besides David and I?


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    Default Re: ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    Ditto !
    WhatŽs going on - are we the only oneŽs going......perhaps thereŽs a separate thread for this elsewhere ?

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    Default Re: ESXENCE, Milan- Basenoters who will be attending !

    IŽm bumping this thread in case somebody else is going, and would like to meet noggs and myself at the event ?

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