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    Default Variations in Creed batches?

    I have Creed Green Irish Tweed from a perfumedcourt sample, and also from a split I participated in. I'm told the source for the split was a flacon from scentedmonkey. For the most part, they smell pretty similar. I can tell, however, that the perfumedcourt sample smells a bit brighter, while the juice from the split smells a bit greener. Is it normal for different batches to have subtle differences (assuming they were both stored correctly), or is it a sign that one might not be as fresh?

    PS there are also differences in atomizer output. The atomizer provided through the split seems to provide a noticeable greater volume per spray. I wonder if that's also having an effect.

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    Default Re: Variations in Creed batches?

    Can't answer about the sprayer, but yes - Creed can and does vary, with Creed's defence being that it's due to the large amount of natural ingredients they use, which are affected by weather, humidity and temperature changes. There are plenty of people however, including a few on BN, that think that's just a BS excuse for poor quality control, seeing as how there are several other companies using just as many natural ingredients, but who don't have the same problem as Creed.

    Even though I LOVE most Creeds, this is yet another reason I will never buy one.

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