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    Default BMM - Separate Board?

    Hi Grant - this is a bit late in the piece I know - and I have no idea how easy or difficult this is to do.

    That said, could the whole of BMM be allocated its own board? I tend to lose it in Male Fragrance Discussion (and I typically use the 'new posts' feature) but if I had somewhere very specific to look, that may be a help (at least to me).

    Any takers?

    With thanks,

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    Default Re: BMM - Separate Board?

    I can't really push for this, it's a once-a-year thing so setting aside a forum for it, even one that's normally hidden, seems a bit wasteful.

    What I might do if you wanted to keep up with the daily threads would be to search for The Zeitgeist's daily post, which you can do by clicking this link as needed.

    I might use this to announce that there are some other games and tournaments in early planning for some other months so maybe the idea isn't without some merit (I could be a moderator on that forum alone) but right now I don't know how useful it is.
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    Default Re: BMM - Separate Board?

    As a partial solution you could create a BMM group on the group page and archive the results there.

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    Default Re: BMM - Separate Board?

    When we have Sniff & Speak days on the FFD, the thread is stickied for the weekend. Perhaps there could be one, main BMM thread with links to the daily polls that gets stickied for the duration of the tournament.
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