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    Default Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    First off a heads up, I went to Big Lots today and got a huge 8oz bottle of this stuff for $7.50 if you're looking for some it might be worth taking a look at your local Big Lots (though I've been to all the local ones since the $.50 knockoffs I found the other day and only one had this stuff). I was surprised at the size of the bottle until I found it was made by Five Star Fragrance, which also is making Royal Copenhagen which also comes in one of these huge 8oz bottles.

    That said I remember trying this stuff in the early 1990s at TJ Maxx. I dunno if its me or my tastes have changed that much because like Minotaure at the time I hated this stuff, today after trying it I liked it (don't know if I liked it 8oz much but the price was cheap). Seems more citrusy than I remember (and like Royal Copenhagen a lot weaker), but its definately pleasant enough to wear. Probably the last of stuff I'll buy for a while I've got way too much stuff floating around.
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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    Yep, I have one of those huge nuclear reactor bottles of the stuff. It's a true classic of the French school, and a masterpiece, IMO.

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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    Quote Originally Posted by shamu1 View Post
    ...It's a true classic of the French school, and a masterpiece, IMO.
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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    I have a bottle of this, but the box (dark green at the top shading to lighter green at the bottom) states Pierre Cardin Parfums and Made in Spain. I think this is a relatively recent packaging, certainly not even close to vintage.

    Anyone know when the brand went over to Five Star Fragrances? Any comments on reformulations over the years?
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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    Also, if you scour ebay you can sometimes come across bottles of the EDT concentration (green and silver packaging)
    I find this one closer to what I remember in my teens. Deeper, peppery ceder at the base.
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    ...ah, yes. Here's one:
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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    I can almost be certain this has been reformulated, just like the Royal Copenhagen (also being made by 5 Star Fragrances), or at least watered down, from when I remember last trying it. I put on a good deal of it from the 8oz today before work and I mean a good deal. It isn't exactly strong. Been about 8 hours, its pretty much down to nothing, the Royal Copenhagen at least has staying power if you apply enough. I think its more than just a simple body chemistry thing because it goes on so weak to begin with. I'm guessing this is the reason for the 8oz bottle. If you have to use twice as much as a decently concentrated 4oz bottle, the 8oz bottle is no better. It just seems like a good deal to the buyer. I'd probably go through this rather quickly if I wore it every day regardless of it being 8oz. Just for comparison's sake I've got some English Blazer in an aftershave concentration and it will easily outlast this stuff and you don't have to put on nearly as much. For comparison to something actually in a spray bottle, I usually wear 2-5 sprays of most stuff. I literally needed about 8 of this, which seems like a considerable amount. Of course its hard to judge there because some of the sprayers suck, for example Safari puts out such a fine mist and so little comes out it seems to take more sprays, whereas my Red For Men in a test bottle puts out so much 2 sprays is a considerable amount. So my guess is this is just watered down.

    It doesn't smell too bad though, much better than when I last tried it, but I don't think thats reformulation. I think coming out of the 80s there were still a good number of powerhouse type fragrances floating around especially around 1993, at least in places I could afford as a teenager then (like TJ Maxx), and when it came to expensive stuff I usually ended up convincing my parents to get it (like Ungaro I) when we were in NYC. So I remember liking Red for Men and Xeryus at the time which are considerably different. Hating these lighter sweeter fragrances like Minotaure and Pierre Cardin was probably just my taste at the time.
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    Default Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur

    I've always said this is one of the most underated frags ever

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