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    Wink Which male fragrance gets NO female compliments...

    ... and still smells great?

    Dear gentlemen of Basenotes,

    did you ever experience moments when, saturated, anguished, jaded or overwhelmed from female compliments received on your fragrance wardrobe, you just decided to wear a frag which still smells fabulous (now liberally and imprecisely quoting Luca Turin, I hope he forgives this blasphemy) "without contributing in any way to demographic increase" nor to anything showing that the slightest compliments or complimenting gestures were heading your way?Although, we know what has been said about Knize Ten and the deserted island...I mean, just this frag that exudes a devil-may-care, maybe a bit understated kind of natural elegance, without having even the remote pretense of impressing the opposite (or any gender), but precisely for this reason has a peculiar kind of self-certainty, sense of style, dignified maturity. Now, I'm not inferring that any frags receiving compliments are immature, inelegant or generic. Nor that a more mature and less sensually provocative male frag will get NO compliments whatsoever- because maybe you run into exactly that type of lady who seeks out precisely this type pf frag.
    Yet I'd be interested to find out, which frags did you wear when female compliments, while still well-received and pleasant, were not the main priority.

    According to my own experience, I usually wear Fendi Uomo, Grey Flannel, Guerlain Vetiver, Roberto Capucci PH, Eau Sauvage, Worth PH, Drakkar Noir, Cerutti 1881 Amber, Tabac Original, Old Spice on such occasions

    And an immense plea for pardon from the ladies too- although I did never try to be offensive on this thread- for various reasons: the fact that I even address such issue and the way I address it, wearing non complimented frags, starting out from a false or at least imprecise assumption and more...
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