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    Default A few questions..

    I figured it'd be easier to just make this in one thread.

    First off I was wondering if anybody is familiar with the Thallium line? I have a friend who said the original Thallium is phenomenal.. He's also a long time Creed GIT wearer. So I was wondering if anyone can maybe compare some of the Thallium frags to any others so I can get a better idea, before possibly purchasing?

    Secondly I'm collaborating a list of longer lasting frags for a project I'm doing.. I'm dipping into each house individually and picking out some of theirs that last long. Well I'm at CK now, and all that comes to mind is Obsession. I know Eternity,One, Be, Man all have horrible longevity. So are there any other CKs with better longevity? Try not to include the limited edition yearly ones, as those are hard to find.

    Finally, (and this is just for personal knowledge) What is the most unique AND appealing cologne you've come across. I'm sure Fahrenheit will be a big hit for this one. When I say unique I don't mean another citrus frag that doesn't smell like the others, I mean truly unique. Fahrenheit is the ultimate example, because how many other colognes do you know that smell like honeysuckle and petroleum?

    So ya.. just give me your feedback, answer one or answer all three..all will be appreciate greatly as usual from me. Thanks folks

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    Default Re: A few questions..

    I sampled Thallium about a week ago, and I can't say anything good about it so I won't say any more on that subject. I don't think Fahrenheit is any more "groundbreaking" than something like FUBU Plush for men (amaretto, suede, orris, sandalwood, amber), for example, but if you think intentionally "synthetic" frags are to be classified more highly in this regard, there are several examples of that kind of perfumery (I'll let others talk about them, because I'm no fan).
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    Default Re: A few questions..

    See this thread for scents with stamina:

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    Default Re: A few questions..

    ^^^ Thanks
    I've seen this thread, as I said I'm looking for the best from each house. More in depth than the other threads. Thanks though.

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