BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Day 3-4 Recap

Welcome back to The Road To the Final Spritz, Basenotes Nation. Iím your host Somerville Metro Man recapping days three and four of this yearís tournament. These two days were all about the status quo as the higher seeded bottle advanced in six out of eight contests. With every designer/niche match-up falling the niche way on the first two days that trend continued. In the Creed Region, fifth seeded Creed Bois du Portugal showed that even a highly regarded designer entry has trouble when playing a niche flacon. Their opponent Burberry London for Men is one of those designer fragrances that has been able to break through in the past but against one of the Creed blue bloods London bridge came falling down under the weight of the woods of Portugal, 50-26. Next up for Bois du Portugal will be the 13th seeded Yves St. Laurent M7 who out-sprayed their opposition in the first round fourth seeded Gucci pour Homme, 55-20. As in the other Creed Region game this tilt was never in doubt. M7 raced out to an early lead and like the motorway that shares itís name left Gucci pour Homme choking on their oud dust. It will be interesting to see if Bois du Portugal will continue to have its way against designer competition or will M7 strike a blow for the designer bottles, this will be a good bell weather match-up in the second round.

In the Serge Lutens Region Chanel finally got their first bottle on the floor as the six seed, Chanel allure Homme, faced the eleventh seeded Armani Code. After Acqua di Gioís embarrassing loss earlier Code was feeling like it had to show that Armani belonged in the tournament especially since the Priveí line had felt like they were the better representatives of Armani in this tournament. Early on it looked like Code would have Allure Homme sending out an SOS but as the match wore on the advantage of coming from a House like Chanel began to come to bear and Allure Homme coasted to victory, 45-26. They will face the number three seed in the region Gucci Envy for Men who completely shattered fourteenth seeded Thierry Mugler B*Menís dreams of joining the A-list, like the Mugler titan A*Men. B*Men showed they havenít quite entered the same level as their housemate as the little flanker never seemed to be in the game as their atomizers just went flat and Envy for Men crushed them 60-14.

The remaining four games took place in the Comme des Garcons Region it also included one of our few niche on niche matches in the first round as the seventh seed Tauer Perfumes LíAir Du Desert Marocain took on Creed Millesime Imperiale. In this yearís tournament LíAir du Desert Marocain flies the flag for every small perfume house who look at the tournament and want to participate. Last year they felt they were unjustly shut out and so 2010 is a chance to show that the little guys can hang with the big boys. They got their wish right away by taking on this yearís toughest House with the most bottles in the tourney, Creed. Based on the way this one unfolded it looks like LíAir du Deseret Marocain might have a long run. They completely stripped Millesime Imperiale down to its pretensions and sent the gold clad Creed fanboys home to nurse their bruises as the little guys beat the big guys, 50-27. They might have an interesting match in the second round as they draw the fifteenth seeded Bvlgari Black winners over Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme, 50-24. The rubber clad fans of Black made the arena look like something out of a goth ball but they went home with an unusual smile on their usually impassive faces as Black never let the sunny citrus of D&G into the match and smothered them under a solid rubber defense.

The top seed in the Comme des Garcons Region is Yves St. Laurent Kouros and they easily dispatched Tom Ford Black Orchid, 49-21. This sets up a second round game with Dior Eau Noire who in the closest game of these two days edged Bvlgari Aqua 38-33. The Immortelle Warriors of Eau Noire will be looking forward to standing up to the power of Kouros in the next round.

Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
Iíll be back tomorrow with the day 5-6 recap. Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
Somerville Metro ManÖ.Out!