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    Default Help me out fellow basenoters!

    I am in desperate (or maybe not so much) need of your advice!

    I am trying to choose between two scents to buy. One being Creed's Virgin Island Water. I am in absolutely love with anything coconut, and this fragrance just sends me over the roof, I can't stop smelling myself!

    But I have also read the reviews for Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Khan and it sounds amazing. The only thing that keeps turning me off is the mention of some "barn yard accord" I absolutely can't stand the smell of farm, but then again the rave reviews say it is simply to die for.

    So now you see the Dilema...
    So which will it be? Virgin Island Water or Musc Koublai Khan?

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    Default Re: Help me out fellow basenoters!

    Best you obtain a sample of MKK to try first. Either one isn't a cheap buy.
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    Default Re: Help me out fellow basenoters!

    Spend $6.99 on a sample of MKK at

    They are both really popular (MKK is probably infamous). Only your nose can tell you how stinky that barn is.

    I don't like smells that can offend others, so I would play it safe with the coconuts.
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    Default Re: Help me out fellow basenoters!

    Speaking as one of the people who get the "barn yard" accord, be aware that's a pretty brief blast in the opening notes only- at least to me. In a recent sampling run, the sprayed card smelled to me like standing next to a horse for about 5 minutes. But then it shifts into a sort of creamy musk undeserving of some the dramatic commentary.

    I note that many of us- myself as much as anyone - can often make premature judgements on a frag based on smelling it for 2 minutes in a store. This one is worthy of a test wear on skin. Pop for a sample if it intrigues you. I know a lot of people who really like MKK. A friend at work picked some up from Lucky Scent and a couple of women in his office were gaga over it.

    I'm a bit anosmic to the musk in that one and I wouldn't let the harsh opening sway me if I got more out of it. Kouros has a similar strong nasty blast opening and I wear it.

    Don't let that opening put you off from giving it a test wear. I haven't tried VIW, but if you love it as much as you say, that's the one. Buy VIW and get a small decant (5ml or 8ml) of MKK from The Perfumed Court.
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