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    Default No 5 Parfum on eBay

    I know these 'Is this fake?' threads can get a little tiresome but I saw the following item on eBay for a really good price and wanted to know your opinions. I know No 5 is really popular so I imagine there are lots of fakes out there.
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    Default Re: No 5 Parfum on eBay

    So what gives this one away? Strangely my first No5 was in a handbag case the same as this back in the 80's. I hated the stuff and had to give it away.

    The thing with ebay which I have bought from with great success is: LET THE BUYER BEWARE. I hate the thought of someone being taken on there and its only when people stop buying fakes will it happen. Buyers will keep doing it as long as people buy their stuff.

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    Default Re: No 5 Parfum on eBay

    The seller says: Returns: No Returns Accepted

    So even if it *is* fake, you can't complain. As for myself, I am wary of buying on e-bay.

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    Default Re: No 5 Parfum on eBay

    I have this particular container and it looks OK. Still, Chanel is the one brand I never buy on ebay. It's the one that is most like to be a fake.
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    Default Re: No 5 Parfum on eBay

    My one and only bad ebay experience was with a Chanel No. 5 that turned out to be fake. I would proceed with caution.

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    Default Re: No 5 Parfum on eBay

    The refill looks exactly like the one I just bought in January. Retail price for new is ~$90.

    From her feedback, I'd say your risk is less about whether it is fake and more about whether it is off due to poor storage. She says new, so I don't really understand how the case can be beat up.

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